Security Printing

Excel Security Printing is an OEM manufacturer / exporter of scratch cards for telecom operators. Excel Security Printing established itself as a quick paced pioneer of secure printing of scratch cards in Pakistan. With its state-of-the-art facilities, using sophisticated German technology, quality control and maintaining international printing/personalization standards, Excel Security Printing has specialized in various types of scratch and smart cards.


  1. Online high quality inkjet personalization, alpha numeric and bar code fonts, automatic inspection supported by OCR cameras.
  2. Numbering is applied in a secure environment so that printing and labeling/hot stamping is done in one go while being monitored by OCR cameras.
  3. Automated collection system for rejected cards.
  4. Customized design/clients logo on label to reflect the company’s image.

Wrapping Wrapping

1. Four side sonic sealing.
2. OCR camera monitoring during sealing process.
3. Individual and chain wrapping in 5, 10, 25 or 50  cards with perforation between each card.
4. Client logo printing on sealing film.


Security Security

Our security systems are second to none. We use
automatic vision checking using the latest high-tech OCR camera systems monitoring in personalization, as well as sealing process. Our checking process done manually and supervised at every step but at the stage of personalization we use minimum human involvement and assure the presence of only
authorized personnel. We also have a secured system of destroyed or rejected cards. To avoid any misuse or fraud, we use sophisticated encryption techniques for data. Encrypted data only held on
systems securely and no record of decoded data kept.